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Born in a rural village in Ethiopia, Amane Badhasso has spent her life working for justice and advancing the American dream. As a child, Amane's family fled ongoing violence in Ethiopia, becoming a child refugee in Kenya and finding safety upon arrival to the United States. At the age of 13, Amane came to Minnesota through a refugee resettlement program - Amane has seen firsthand the promise of the American dream.

Amane has been at the forefront of the most significant economic, racial, environmental, and social justice fights. As an international human rights leader and democracy advocate, she has organized our local and global communities, engaging Minnesota's diverse communities on domestic and international issues.

Now, Amane is running for Congress to fight for a more fair, inclusive, and just America. For too long, our leaders have prioritized their personal power over the power of our community. Join Amane's campaign today and help us ensure every American, regardless of their background, can realize the promise of the American dream.

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Jordan Cockeram for West Hollywood City Council 2024
P.O. Box 46524 West Hollywood, CA 90046
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